13 Ways to kick start and speed up your metabolism

When you are young you tend to enjoy life and is happenings in full spring, the major reason behind that gusto is your good health but when you age, your internal activities tend to get slower but this doesn’t mean that anyone who is crossing his 40s should be in doldrums, you too can enjoy your life zestfully.

One of the main problems that occur is your slow metabolism, thus leading to obesity. For this, you have to inject all the good and health-giving things in your body to speed up your metabolism, in fact, there are tons of effective workouts you can try plus you need to take into account your routine.

For achieving excellence in health and in order to cherish your life you have to sacrifice something and have to embrace many things. All these internal and external effects have a great influence on the functionality of your metabolism.

Now without further ado get to learn how you can kickstart your metabolism

Here are the top ways that can help you live a better and healthy life, no matter what’s your age, works for all age groups, because they involve natural drinks, healthy foods and fitness tips. Before we move forward, you might want to take a look at this back pain article, which is sciatica  program consisting of healthy foods and mixture of exercises that is amazing for your health.

Let’s take a look at these ways to speed up your metabolism:

  1. Drink 16 ounces of water instantly after waking up

For a jumpstart of your metabolism, you have to make it your daily practice to swallow 16 ounces of water just after waking up. This triggers your metabolic rate and besides that, all the toxic stuff is expelled out of your body because of this water intake in morning just after waking up. It purifies you also internally and externally.

  1. Best tool ‘Interval training’

Interval training is highly suggested by a number of great health experts and fitness specialists, when you change the force of your exercise it keeps all the boredom at bay and enables you to stay focused. The best example for this to make you understand could be like

If you are taking a walk switch over to jogging just don’t forget to speed up the force and intensity.

3.    Sip Red tea

There are several studies which came to the conclusion that green tea is beneficial for boosting up your metabolism. It burns down your calories and breaks down the fat-burning capabilities. So, from now on habituate yourself in sipping red tea each day for kicking start your metabolism.

4.    Grip a soft squeezing ball in your hand

This handy exercise can be done as many times as you want as it is not tiring, just hold a soft squeeze ball in the palm of your handy and keep squeezing it with a tight grip. By doing so, you will be able to build muscles in your mitt and guess what this simple workout scorches great calories.

5.    Lifting weight comes first and cardio comes later

Whether you go for a treadmill or your bike just keep this in your mind that the perfect order of workout is lifting weigh comes earlier and later you can do cardio. Doing so you will be able to burn more calories and this definitely kickstarts your metabolism.

6.    Get a burning sensation of Spice for firing up your metabolism

Spices really kick start your metabolism, its burning sensation ignites the sluggish metabolism and speeds it up.

7.    Squeeze lemon in warm water and sip it

When you add a lemon squeeze in warm water and gulp it down your throat then it rehydrates your body when you asleep. It kindles your digestive system and throws out all the toxic mess. So daily sip this warm water with a lemon squeeze in it and jump-start your metabolism.

8.    Don’t miss taking a breakfast that should be full of protein

If you are amongst those who hardly care about their breakfast and usually miss it deliberately as being lazy-bones then from now on drop the act and make up your mind to not to skip your breakfast at any cost.

Now comes the point what kind of breakfast is good for your metabolism and the answer is the one that is high in fiber plus has to be protein packed. Nosh on the nutrient food such as eggs and fresh fruit.

9.    Be attentive towards your meal

There many of us who don’t pay heed to their food while eating either you keep chattering or remain busy in scrolling up and down your cell, these futile activities rather interruptions do not let you be satisfied and you end up feeling still-hungry.

Monetize a healthy emotional relationship with your meals otherwise after every now and then you will rush to eat and it gets you fat.

10.   Don’t be in a rush while eating and munch well

Whether you take your breakfast or having dinner just make sure that you munch every bite very well. Don’t be in a rush to just gulp the bites down your throat. If you will be careful while munching your food slowly the more oxygen you will take during eating and it amps up your metabolism.

11.   Daily take a morning walk

It is one old yet immensely useful tip recommended and suggested by tons of health experts, doctors and physicians. The brisk walk triggers your passive metabolism and fires it up. This intense workout tends to scorch maximum calories.

12.   Perform Strength Training daily

Muscles are said to be metabolically vigorous tissue, so for its fitness and sturdiness, it is must that you prepare your body to disburse energy. It is said repeatedly the more your muscles will strive the more calories it will scorch.

13.   Take a quality sleep

How many hours do you slumber? If less than 7 hours then you are not taking a quality sleep, secondly at what time you go to your bed, mid-night? If yes then night-owls can’t bring any betterment in their slow metabolic rate. Give-up this unhealthy habit and sleep early so you can wake up early. Take a sound sleep of 7-8 hours and keep at bay all the interruptions and noisy stuff so you can sleep soundly. The adequate hours of sleep help you in keeping your metabolic rate in the desired way.

Your body gets affected with all that you do with it, if you are stuffing unhealthy and junk food, if your water intake is low, you are a night-owl and hibernate for few hours, you don’t do any workout then all these are those hurdles that will never bring any betterment in your body, your metabolic rate will keep down if you will stick all these unhealthy habits.

Only genetically some people are blessed with speedier metabolism, others have to toil hard to fire up their metabolic rate. So, eat healthy, workout intensely, sleep early and burn down the maximum calories for kicking start your sluggish metabolism.