5 Best Applications to Transform Your Apple into Health and Fitness Trainer

Do you think that your Apple watch is only used for telling time or displaying notifications? Well, you can use it for numerous purposes. This article will highlight 5 best applications that you can install in your Apple watch and you can make it your personal fitness trainer.

From monitoring our heart rate to practicing yoga exercises, these applications are extremely useful to boost your health. Medical students who have taken help from essay writing services online, might be well informed about the benefits of maintaining healthy and balanced life. And if those students can practically use these applications in your handy Apple watch, they would actually apply different health exercises to stay healthy and fit.

Let us get to those applications you can install in to your Apple wearable and feel the difference in just a couple of days:


Have you ever maintained a track of what you eat and drink from a single wrist wearable? Well, now with the help of Lifesum installed in your Apple watch, a person aspiring to become healthy will not only track your calorie intake, it also maintains the detailed data of the proteins, carbohydrate and fat are taking on daily basis. With the help of a nutrition and diet tracker, a person will be motivated enough to maintain those numbers that it takes to keep you fit.

Although most of the features of this valuable application are free, one can take monthly subscription for $3 to get additional health advice and dieting recommendations. Keep yourself fit and healthy and achieve your diet goals with this wearable.


Although most of the essay writing services might have produced several write-ups related to keep track of your regular activities and how doing something on regular basis can actually result in its positivity, there is an application for those fitness freak out there to help you make to-do list with you Apple watch in your wrists.

From tracking your water intake daily to performing certain number of pushups, this application will help the subscriber to do each of your decided tasks. The application even allow you to customize the icons with colors and themes to keep you motivated and engaged. Even though the application is not free, you will not be burdened to pay its monthly subscription by just giving one-time fee for its download.


Do you often go for a jog or cycling in the morning at your nearby park? Are you looking for a companion which is efficient enough to provide your biking, cycling or running stats? Well if yes, it is a superb habit but it can be outstanding of you install Strava application to your Apple watch as it is one of the helpful activity tracking application one can ever have. With the help of sensors and positioning, this application monitors the movements with your wrists on the go. From the displaying statistics related to the distance covered, time taken, speed of your running and even your heart rate, Strava is one powerful application that tracks 8 different activities related to your fitness and strength. Once you are done with your daily activity, it also displays the complete session summary and sync it to your phone. This is the reason many cyclist prefer to leave their cell phones at home as they have this valuable wrist wearable that can act as their personal trainer for fitness.


Are you a gym freak who is passionate to carry those heavy weight dumbbells and perform pushups but you are unable to track your exercises on your daily basis? This efficient application Strava will be a good companion for your gym workouts. From letting you stick to your daily schedule to planning your sessions prior to time, this application has it all what it takes to be gym star. Just like a young students is passionate enough to outshine in his final thesis by taking assistance from online essay writing services, this application is equally passionate to help you remain to your exercise timetable. 


Just like Lifesum, MyFitnessPal is another useful application for your Apple watch to maintain a proper personal food diary. From providing the comparison of the burned calories with consumed calories to breaking down carbs and nutrients intake, this application is helpful in number of fitness ideas.

With these best applications installed in your Apple wrist watch, you don’t have to wait for any companion or even a trainer to maintain a track record of your daily fitness activites.