How can I relieve foot pain?

Twisted bone, pain in the muscle or joint pain. People being circumvented by such conditions stop them for living life to the fullest. However, with proper treatment from an Orthopaedic Surgeon, people can lead and live a happy life.  Patients can regain mobility and set in motion again.

Orthopaedic Surgeons are devoted to specialising in terms of areas related to Hip and knee, Foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow, hand and spine.

An orthopaedic Surgeon holds the expertise and advanced training in providing diagnosis and in treating through both the procedures. The procedure involves non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment of the injury and disease of the musculoskeletal system.

              Foot Problems | Foot Pain

There might be some sensation followed up by the irritation in the foot joints and the skin. These further broaden up the foot problems affecting the heels, toes, nerves, tendons, ligaments and the bones of the Foot. It may seem to be small in the initial stage. It is, however, recommended to go and show to a healthcare provider and provide a proper diagnosis.   

             The ankle accounts for having the smallest surface area. We exert a lot of force while using our ankle. Due to the more significant degree of weight being posted on the feet, it leads to a lot of painful injuries like the sprains, fractures and another kind of dislocations. Such type of degenerative effects might become severe and can have a toll on the feet. A timely action must be taken. The further expanded version can cause more pain, weakness and instability.

           An Orthopaedic Surgeon is someone who assesses the overall Foot by undertaking a close examination using a series of exams and medical imaging test. The various analyses include:

  • –    X-rays
  • –    MRI test
  • –    CT scans
  • –    Ultrasound

In most of the cases, an orthopaedic surgeon may collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including :

1 The primary care physician

2 The physical therapist Non-surgical treatments

Non – Surgical treatment

–    It will range from a variety of therapies providing aid for the Foot and the ankle.

–       Bracing and splinting of the foot/ankle

–        Making use of assistive devices

–        Steroid injections can be used

–        Modifications in the overall lifestyle

Surgical Treatment

In the case of extremities, to provide relief from pain, weakness and instability might involve a need for a surgery. Every minute detail is noted, such as the location, type and the extent of the injury.

1 Achilles tendon repair: This is a procedure which will involve connecting the calf muscle and the heel bone. Such surgery may be needed in case of an injury or overuse of the calf muscle.

2 Limb salvage: There might be the formation of malignant tumours. They must be treated and removed. Limb-sparing surgery can be used as an alternative method for amputation. In the entire orthopaedic oncology procedure, the diseased bone is replaced with the metal implants and bone grafts.

3 Total ankle replacements:  

Our ankle comprises of three bones that make up the ankle joint. In this surgery, it will involve ankle replacement with different metal and plastic implant devices. After the procedure, the patient will be pain relief and can walk comfortably.  This will include restoring the joint function. The new joint prevents the pain and stress on various other joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

4 Foot and ankle reconstruction:

– In this procedure, it will involve a surgical process of cutting, grafting or fusing of the bone to displace the tumour from the body. This implying restoring the ankle function. Your surgeon will involve repairing and transferring of the tendons or implanting a prosthetic joint.

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