Foods you should limit when you have Acidity

Acidity is the inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach by the acids produced in the stomach. The human stomach produces acid to break down the food particles we eat and to give us energy from them. When this acid is produced in excess amounts, it flows back into the food pipe, thereby causing acidity.

Acidity is characterized by burning sensation in the upper stomach and chest areas, nausea, vomiting, burping, bloating, and upset stomach

What causes Acidity?

Acidity is usually caused due to a stomach abnormal condition called ‘hiatal hernia’. The other underlying factors that can cause acidity are:

  • Consuming Spicy & Oily Food
  • Having substantially less amount of sleep
  • Excessive Alcohol consumption
  • Overeating or eating in a rush
  • Stressful and hectic lifestyle

How to combat Acidity?

Acidity can be treated at home by eating alkaline-rich foods and by leading a healthy lifestyle. However, if the condition and the symptoms are intense, you should consider seeing a gastroenterologist and get treated.  After analyzing your symptoms, the doctor will prescribe you certain medicines, changes in diet and alterations in your lifestyle. These medicines help in keeping the acid in the stomach under control.

It is important to remember that if acidity is not treated in the initial stages, it could lead to other health complications such as stomach ulcer and cancer.

What will Acid-rich Foods do to your body?

Foods that are rich in acids lower the pH value in the blood and this increases the acid in the stomach. Over time, this condition affects various other body organs such as kidney and intestine. If you are someone suffering from acidity, you should make sure you are cutting down the acid-producing foods. Occasional acid refluxes are not a cause of concern and can be treated with certain dietary changes. garcinia cambogia vs green coffee.

So, let’s look into the foods that should be limited to reduce acidity.

When it comes to eating any food items, the key factor is to reduce the intake of the foods that are acidic in nature. The pH value of any food item indicates whether the particular item is acidic or not. Following values help in determining if the food item is acidic or alkaline.

  1. A pH value of 0 shows the food is highly acidic
  2. A pH value of 7 shows the food is neutral
  3. A pH value of 14 or more indicates the food is alkaline in nature

When foods that are highly acidic in nature are eaten, they trigger the symptoms of acidity. So, you have to eat smart and avoid increasing the acids in the stomach. Here is a list of a few fruits and vegetables that you should limit or avoid to help improve the symptoms of acidity.

  • Citrus fruits and vegetables which include lemon, tomato, mint, pomegranate, oranges, grapes, pineapple, etc.
  • Animal protein
  • Food items that have high amounts of sugar
  • Highly processed foods
  • Certain dairy products
  • Other day-to-day foods such as mayonnaise, vinegar, sauces, and caffeine
  • Pepper, chilly, and  any sort of spicy foods
  • Surprisingly, you should avoid eating chocolates too. This is because most chocolates are rich in fats, caffeine, and cocoa. These increase the amount of acids in the stomach and can cause acid refluxes.
  • Oily, and fried foods
  • Fatty food items such as cheese and butter

In addition to these, certain preventive measures also help in keeping the acid refluxes at bay. So, you should try to avoid the following:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Any kind of Meat
  • Sugary Beverages
  • Sparkling water has high low acid value, meaning, it increases the symptoms of acidity. So, switch to plain water.
  • Irregular sleeping pattern
  • Making less physical movements

Medication along with a healthy lifestyle, a plain diet, and certain preventive measures can help improve the symptoms of acidity in the earlier stages or if the acid refluxes show up occasionally. But, if the symptoms are intense and are more frequent, do not forget to seek the help of a gastroenterologist as soon as possible to prevent worsening the condition.

So, reduce acidity while you can. For this, make sure you use the prescribed medicines regularly. In order to continue using the medicines without any gaps, you can order medicines online and you will get medicine delivery at doorstep as an added advantage.