Foot Spa: Usage, Benefits, and selection

Foot spa consists of a small tub that is made by using plastic. You dip your feet in this tub to get a feeling of relaxation. Interestingly, some foot spas are very basic, where you have to fill water and heat manually. Best foot spa is that in which you get a heating element installed along with massage rollers, water jets and even scrubbers for complete treatment of the foot. The foot is undoubtedly a wonderful method that gives satisfaction and relaxation to every part of your feet. 

  1. Benefits of using foot spa:

Help to lower stress 

Humans do not sit around idly whole day, do they? No. They walk around carrying their weight on feet. Feet are very sensitive even if they do not appear to be; you can test this by rubbing your soles. However, we do not treat our feet appropriately. Our daily routines demand from us to be standing to walk most of the time. Therefore stress accumulates in feet. If you take some time to submerge your feet in warm water at the end of the day, then it can relieve stress, and you will feel better and relaxed.

Improvement in blood circulation

When you are using foot spa, the warm water and rollers help to stimulate the blood circulation. The design of rollers improves blood circulation in the foot. Consequently, it stimulates the circulation of blood in the whole body and results in making you feel better by increasing energy levels. If there are no massage rollers in your spa, then alternatively you can rub your feet on massage heads present at the bottom of the basin. This will also increase blood circulation; however, results will take some time to show.

Arthritic Pain Relieve

People having arthritis have pain in their joints and muscles; foot spas provide great relief to such people. If you suffer from pain in your joints whole day, then foot spa can be a good option to relieve that pain. Furthermore, you can enhance foot spa benefits by adding some seaweeds in water.

Help to reduce headache

You may have heard that soles of your feet contain many nerve points. If you perform a basic foot massage, then it will stimulate these nerves and ultimately help to reduce migraines and headaches. Taking foot spa massager regularly can ensure you a lower number of headaches, and the intensity of those you have will be much lower.

Useful in Detoxification

You can get rid of the toxins present in your body by properly using a foot spa. Detoxification of feet is very useful in the elimination of toxins from the liver and kidneys as it helps to maintain an optimum pH and also straighten out your immune system. This process of detoxification will also be helpful in reducing acne and wrinkle problems.

Foot spas can also be beneficial in treating indigestion and acidity. The massage of feet relaxes the nerves of your soles, and they determine the pH of the body, in another word, the acidity. Best foot spas are able to make your feet relaxed and give you a soothing feeling. Hence, they can also be helpful in the treatment of insomnia.

  1. Guidelines to use a foot spa

Foot spas are not technologically complex and are easy to use. Best foot spa machines come with easily understandable control panels and manuals containing necessary information. Safe use of any machine is first and foremost guideline, therefore make it sure you are using your foot spa safely.

Ensure safe use

Foot spas use electricity to heat the water, so overheating safety is preinstalled in them. Nobody would like their foot spa to overheat. Therefore the best foot spa model must contain double overheating safety. It makes the use of foot spa very safe.

Furthermore, ensure that foot spa is placed on a flat surface and you must fill it with water before plugging in. make sure that you do not exceed the given water limit of the basin. Avoid plugging in or out when your feet are in the water. Plugin with dry hands and make sure massage equipment is firmly attached.

How to perform foot spa

First of all, you should prepare a foot spa, and for that, you need to have all the required things within your reach. The list of things can be lengthy. However, you should have foot lotion, a brush, a scrub, and hand towel. Before you put your feet in the foot spa, make sure to wash them. After washing off your feet, you can soak them in warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes. When your feet are relaxed by soaking, then you can do massage by using rollers. Rollers massage the soles of your feet and help to stimulate the circulation of blood. After the massage, you can scrub your feet and brush them. When you are done with scrubbing, wash your feet again until the water is clear. At last, lotion up and massage a little if you want.

Composition of foot spa water

Foot spa is very useful to have at home because you can treat your feet whenever you want. You can add bath salts, seaweeds, and oils in a foot spa. Bath salt, or also known as Epsom salt is famous for their use to ease a different kind of aches and pains. Epsom salt is not costly, and it breaks down into sulfate and magnesium in water. These elements enter in your body and help to reduce pain, bruises, aches, and swelling. Dead Sea salt can also be used in place of bath salt. However, it is more expensive than bath salt. It also contains more elements, such as calcium, potassium, sulfates, and magnesium. It disinfects the skin, dehydrates it, works as an exfoliator, and promotes youthful skin.

Besides bath salts, you can use essential oils, for example, Cedar Wood Oil, Cypress Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Lavender Oil. These oils have different benefits and help to play an important role to make your skin healthy by repairing and maintaining moisture level. Seaweeds are not preferred due to the mess they create in water. However, they are very beneficial. They balance your body chemistry and accelerate the exclusion of toxins from the skin.

  1. Selecting best foot spa

Easy to use

Foot spa is a simple machine, and it should be easy to use. However, they must have these two features. First, the heated water massage, and the second is a display of water temperature. Some foot spa units contain display screens, and from there, you can adjust the temperature of the water. Some foot spa does not come with the temperature control system. Hence they are not preferable.

Durability and cost

The durability of the foot spa is linked with cost, as it is the case for almost every electrical instrument. If you purchase high-end models, they are certainly more durable as compared with low-end models. It is because of the difference in the materials being used for their production. Low-end foot spas are not bad at all. However, they lack security features and do not have better control over temperature adjustment. Furthermore, the presence of thermostats ensures a constant temperature throughout the spa.

Types based on size

Foot spas are available in a variety of sizes, and it is good because you can choose the size which suits you better. Water holding capacity of the foot spa is determined by spa size, and they can be categorized into three types based on basin size. Foot spas have shallow basins, and they only cover your feet when you are using rollers. The water in these spas will not reach your ankles, hence making them less prone to splashes and easy to move. The second type is foot and ankle spas that have a medium depth of basin and are able to cover feet and ankle at the same time when you are using rollers. These spas work great for those who like to soak their feet and ankle in water for a long time. The third type is foot, ankle and calves spas, as the name implies, they are used to soak feet, ankle, and water in water. These are preferable for those who do not have a problem with carrying and moving heavy objects.

Massage rollers and bubbles

Massage rollers are important to have in spas; they can be motorized and non-motorized. The only disadvantage of using non-motorized rollers is that you have to move your feet on the roller by yourself for massage. However, motorized rollers come with many features, as they are automated, their speed is adjustable, and you do not have any need to move your feet by yourself.

Some spas come with bubble producing jets and are able to produce many bubbles. The breaking of bubbles give off relaxing sensation and help to relieve stress.

Compatibility of the spa with foot care products

Most of the models are compatible with bath salts and oils, but not with seaweed. Seaweed can block the water pathways. If you want to use seaweed, then specifically check the compatibility of foot spa to use it.

Drainage and Portability

Foot spa comes with a bucket to remove the water after using it. The bucket can be moved around, and water can be drained from it. This simple feature is not that great if you are not comfortable with lifting heavy objects. Best foot spa models contain casters and a drain hose for drainage of water. For draining, you can simply pull the basic near a drain, and water will be excluded easily. 

You should select a foot spa model depending on your requirements. The points to be taken into account are explained above. However, you should also check motor noise and splash guard when buying a foot spa.