How To Minimize Stress In Your Daily Life

In this era of fast-paced life, it is very common for a working professional to have stress-related problems. The family commitments, peer pressure, hectic task schedules – these factors can contribute to a building of stress. But there indeed exist some people who can cope very well regardless of the multi-tasking they do in their daily life. They will definitely make time to call their family members and know when to look for support. But not all are lucky. As per a survey, more than seventy percent of people cope with stress in a self-destructive way. In this article, we focus on how to minimize stress in your daily life.

Accepting That You Have A Problem

Yes, there is no magic wand to eliminate stress in entirety from your daily life. But there are ways to manage it in a beautiful way. In turn, you prevent the stress from building up in large quantities. There is one lesson which you have to always remember – stress is a factor which you impose on yourself. There are many SELF factors for the reasons. Some being – not planning for the future, cheating your “self” on unwanted dreams, do not give proper rest to body and mind, anger control, ignore problems in relationships and many more.

Reaction To Stress

One of the first factors, you have to get acquainted is an acceptance that you are suffering from stress. Any form of denial and the pressure builds up in more quantities. Stress is a negative feeling in your mind, which arises when you get a threat to your self-respect or bodily harm. In fact, the adrenaline hormone gets secreted in large quantities. Now, your body makes the mind think about a favorable response.

Let us look into some tips for stress management. In short, how to minimize stress in your daily life.

1. Identify the Stressors

Check and make a list of all the factors which make you stressful. Are there some people in your office? Have you accepted others’ job? Now start working on them one by one. If need, enlist the help of your family member or senior in the office. As per a survey, if you follow this method, you will reduce at least three to five stress factors out of ten.

2. Do Not Take Unnecessary Commitments

You have to honor friendships and team commitments in the workplace. The same applies to family. But are you multi-tasking too much? Write a list. Now think over, and stay true to yourself. If there are activities which are causing stress, you need to talk over with your spouse.

3. Priorities

There are many tasks which you need to complete on a daily basis. But write a priority list. It will make your task completion easy. Are there tasks which you have to complete today, and some you can put off till tomorrow? Draw the list. Then prioritize.

You can call stress as a product of disorganization. If your office desk is a clutter of unwanted things, if you have too many emails in your inbox, then the stress builds up naturally. So first organize your life. Do you keep yourself updated on the recent trends in technology? There are a whole set of apps, which you can get free in your mobile for completion of complex jobs.

Let us imagine a situation. You stay in Bangalore and have an AC for maintenance. Now, instead of relying on the old methods of referrals and listing websites, try the recent trend. You can download the app of the home maintenance companies which provide service for AC repair in Bangalore. At your doorstep. Your own convenient time. You can complete the task within four minutes. No need to make necessary calls and make time for unwanted tasks.

4. Punctuality

Being a human, you have to stay true to your word. If you rise early, it is possible to complete 75 percent of the tasks by noon. If you work late, then sleep deprivation happens for the body. And you wake up late when tasks have to get completed in a jiffy. Draw a timetable for the daily tasks and check which one takes the longest time. Then you work out backward.

5. Domination

Domination is a derogatory word and feeling. Just because your children are dependent on you until the end of their studies, forcing opinions may lead to bad blood. If you try to control other people, even though wishing them goodness in the long term, it may lead to stressful situations. There is a method to make people and other souls understand. But you will have to be genuine at heart to make others understand your point of view. Till the time comes, you have to let go, and handle the stressful situations in a very nice way.

6. Difficult People

There are some people whom you refuse to cut off from life, because of blood relations. Please note, that the more you bend, the more hurt you will get. So, take them out of your life for some period. The stress levels will get reduced. But have a talk with your close family members regarding this reason.

7. Slow Down

Yes, you may be a thirty-year-old who wants to conquer the world. In some situations, not everyone, some in your family may understand the point of view. So, learn to take things and situations as they are, and do your best. Do not expect people to welcome your thoughts.


8. Kindness

The one factor which every religion in the world stress on. Kindness towards other human beings and living creatures on this earth. Have a humanitarian trait and help others in need. Join an NGO and help disabled children in various tasks. You will find the real happiness.

9. Relax

Yes, as a human, you want to be respected as a good human being. Not from your mind, but from others. So, you tend to take various tasks, just for making others feel happy. Correct. But please note, that it is also necessary to take some time off a busy day for YOURSELF. Your Mind. Please note, life isn’t worth living only for the productivity of your office schedule and for your family. Live for your soul. The other positives will happen in due course of time.

10. Quit Your Daily Schedule

Just look at your daily life. Five days, in a week, do you behave like a robot. The 9 am to 5 pm job and all? So take time for a big holiday. Travel with your family. Only travel will bring the best out of every human being. Even if it is your spouse.

11. Exercise

Well, we have focused on this part at the last part of this article. The reason, you need to take time out of your busy schedule. Half an hour exercise takes the stress out of your body. Every cell muscle and bone in the body should get exercise. So plan accordingly.

12. Diet

What are the three requisites of human life? Food, shelter, and clothing. Do not skip breakfast. Give a gap of four hours before taking regular food. You will stay fit and healthy. When you are fit, your brain can help take the best decisions.


So, have you read the article? Do not follow every point at the same time. Think over, and implement one by one in your life. Then you can keep stress away from your life.