Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Do you know that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women? Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women. Every year it is assessed that more than 252,710 ladies in the United States will be determined to have this monstrous disease and more than 40,500 will die. While it is sporadic in men, but an estimated 2,470 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and roughly 460 will die each year. This deadly disease is taking lives, and on average, every 2 minutes, a woman is determined with breast cancer and one woman will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes. It is so saddening that most of us don’t even have enough knowledge about this cancer and we are living our lives wholly and carelessly ignoring the fact that maybe God forbid this cancer may have been growing in our bodies. So, first and the foremost thing that we need to focus on is to get to know this disease and to make ourselves aware of it comprehensively.

Signs of Breast Cancer

Signs & symptoms

These are some of the signs & symptoms of breast cancer
• Thickening or lump it the breast.
• Pain in the armpit or in one part of the breast.
• Change in shape or size of the breast.
• Discharge from the nipples.
• Skin changes like dimpling, puckering or redness.
• Swelling in back of your neck or armpit.
• Crusted or flaky skin or a rash around the nipple.


Breast cancer customarily commences in a small, cramped up area or in the glands which produce milk, i.e. lobular carcinoma or the ducts, I.e. ductal carcinoma which brings it to the nipple. It can cultivate and invade tissue around the breast, like skin, chest wall or lungs. There are different types of breast cancer which grow and spread at different rates; some take ages to expand beyond the breast. However, others increase in no time. So, keep everything in moderation. Don’t go above and beyond and don’t do things haphazardly. Instead, bring positive changes in your lives. Change your diet and keep a check on your health.

Examine yourself

As deadly as breast cancer is, it is taking lives daily. And to save ourselves from it we need to learn to examine ourselves. Adult women are encouraged to test themselves daily. Before it’s too late, and you regret not taking out a few minutes out of your whole day to save yourself from this atrocious cancer. Yes, this is the fact that the lump in your breast can be too small to be felt and you cannot detect anything but the lump is there, but you still can notice the change in the skin. self-exams will help you to identify how your breasts look. In that way, you will see even the tiniest change in your breast. And it will bring you to the doctor, eventually by getting your mammogram done; it will detect even the smallest lump or abnormal growth of cells.

A treatable disease

Yes, breast cancer Is incurable, but fortunately, breast cancer is very curable if identified at an initial stage. Localized cancer means it hasn’t spread outside your breast, and this one can be treated successfully. A woman with localized cancer is most likely to live five years after the analysis. But keep this in your mind that if cancer starts to establish, the treatment becomes more pervasive. It can frequently control the disease for quite a long time. Improved screening tests and treatment choices mean around 8 out of 10 women with breast cancer will survive at least ten years after initial diagnosis.

Once you are diagnosed

Besides lung cancer, death rates affiliated with this disease are higher than for any other type of cancer. Receiving a breast cancer analysis can be overpowering. It can frequently be useful to find out about breast cancer. Examine your emotions, stay in touch with companions, family, and other friends and family, and talk with other breast cancer disease survivors. Interaction with the survivors can make you feel relatable and relieved. Surviving cancer takes a lot! It takes courage, perseverance and determination; the only goal you would want to set for yourself is to fight back and get through a hard time.
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