Staying Focused and Mindful is the New Luxury in Our Society

The great wave of students who have been resorting to best assignment help UK have mostly complained about being unfocused. Thus completing their assignments has been quite an arduous task. But they cannot be entirely blamed, our mindfulness has been jeopardized ever since we have been exposed to bite-sized information through social media.

Everything is fast paced now – fast uploads of photos on photo sharing apps, ten seconds long stories that last for day so you must keep up or even five minutes long videos that should be packed with entertainment. The idea of reading and writing; or even discussing confusing, core concepts has become rather painstaking for students.

No wonder they are unfocused and involved in getting the dopamine rush from every like or text they get notified on their phones. Mindfulness has become a luxury that only a few can afford in this era of internet addiction. Here are some ways how you can still restore your mindfulness:

  • Quit Multitasking

Although, some studies suggest that women are better at multitasking than men, but it is nearly impossible to carry put tasks that require the same or overlying areas of your cortex; like reading and listening. it is a given that you will produce better results and with more efficacy if you shift your focus to the task at hand. Instead of tricking yourself into thinking that you are getting two jobs done at one time, shift your focus into getting one job done to perfection.

  • Mediate

If done in the prescribed manner, mediating can significantly help you improve your mindfulness. It obviously takes a lot of practice and consistency to get the beneficial results in your daily life. But meditating can be as simple as being self-aware of your breaths; carefully watching yourself inhale and exhale, can also help shift your focus on the minutest details that often go unnoticed.

Our brains are designed in a manner that they tend to overlook things that become part of the norm; for example, we do not detect the clothes touching our body, but instantly feel a mosquito bite. In order to avoid information and sensory overload, but being mindful requires you to be more self-aware and that comes with meditation.

  • Indulge in Brain Exercises

This includes a consistent physical activity, games like Cogmed and Luminosity also help strengthen different centers of your brain function. Take up any skill, whether it is writing for more hours, writing without breaks or doing yoga. Start off with smaller goals and keep challenging yourself once you get better – this significantly helps you improve your overall performance overtime.

  • Eliminate all Distractions and Work in a Separate Space

Often studnets tend to take up essential tasks like studying for their tests while the TV is on or with their phones next to them or with on their beds. This can significantly decrease your productivity, since you will be surrounded by distractions.

Your mind will continue buzzing with every new information that is being sent to it through the distractions around. Thus, it will break your trail of thought. In that case, you must sit in a quiet place and work during fixed hours so that you do not get tired by unnecessarily prolonging your task.

  • Embrace the Idea of Being Bored

It is no secret that most brilliant ideas have stemmed out of profound experiences of boredom. According to studies, people would rather inflict pain upon themselves than get bored. Thus, if you have a task that is practically dreadful and takes the life out of you, try to implement this technique; get rid of all form of stimulations that could be entertaining and once you believe you have bored yourself enough, you might even look forward to the task – especially of you have nothing better to do.

Hopefully, the above mentioned tricks will help you overcome your unfocused and cluttered thoughts to help you perform better. It certainly does take a small amount of mental struggle to get there, but it is certainly attainable!